Thursday, October 6, 2011

payong-payong beach resort at infanta, pangasinan

i grew up at Zambales. people will automatically conclude that i live near the beach. well, no. but we can always go there easily and FREE if we want to.

my high school friends used to hold mini-reunions every semestral break. and believe me, beach reunion is a common party among us. but truth be told, we/they don't choose these areas because they want to swim; they just love to drink in the beach front, always.

but two years ago, we held our reunion at a new place. we visited this "soon to be famous" private resort at Infanta, Pangasinan (next town to ours). the place was located where the river meets the sea. you can have both waters at the same time if you want to; just find the right spot.

the view was scenic for a family gathering.

unfortunately, the place was private. but if you know some people who are connected to the family, you can visit the place.

Note: the pictures i posted here were not mine. they were from my friend's photo album that was shared among us.


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