Saturday, September 24, 2011

puerta real gardens, intramuros manila

we walked from Luneta Park to Intramuros, Manila. we stopped at Puerta Real Gardens just outside the gates of Intramuros.

this mossy wall serves as the entrance to Puerta Real garden. there's a wooden drawbridge. just like any old drawbridge, this one is movable. we even tried to draw the strings, but to no avail, we failed.

we passed through this channel. it is a short walk from the drawbridge to the main garden.

this is just a part of the garden near the wall of intramuros. it's green everywhere. we didn't try to visit the wall because we were a bit of antisocial then. (there are many students practicing a dance up the wall)

do these places look familiar? if i remember it right, these places resemble the garden setting of toni gonzaga's birthday celebration in the hit film My Amnesia Girl. isn't it?

this pathway leads to another gate into the walled city. unfortunately, the gates were closed then, so we entered Intramuros using another gate outside of Puerta Real garden.


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